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Vintage Push Truck Recreation Joins Rolling Into Roanoke '17

Rolling Into Roanoke 2017 is excited to have on board Gary Morgan, and his recreation of a drag racers push truck, highlighting the (no longer running) nostalgic Avilla Dragway in Avilla, Indiana.

The Dragway ran from 1965 until 1995, and was once located just east of Avilla, off of State Road 8. From stock cars to drag races, the Avilla Dragway was a hot spot for weekend races for car fanatics of all kinds.

Gary's truck is a mid-70's Chevy with a faux patina rust effect and hand painted lettering made to look faded, just as if it were a truck used at the Avilla track back in the day. Make sure to come check out this Chevy, and other classics – including recreations, restorations and even some untouched originals– at the festival on July 22nd!

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