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Special 1953 Corvette Cutaway Set to Roll Into Roanoke

We are excited to announce a very special car will be joining our line up for the 2017 Rolling Into Roanoke show! Ed Foss purchased Corvette chassis E53F001003 “003” on eBay in 2012 and had it restored and turned into a drivable 1953 Corvette with a cutaway body. The cutaway Corvette allows both an educational and historical view of the first 1953 Corvettes.

The driver’s side (interior) allows a view of one of the two stampings on the frame and shows the inner workings of the Corvette. The view from the passenger’s side (exterior view) shows the innovative design of the Corvette, just as it would have rolled off the assembly line in 1953.

This unique Corvette has traveled all over to shows with Ed, and we cannot wait to have it join us here in Roanoke in just a few short days! Be sure to take some time to check it out at the show, and take a rare look inside this beautiful classic car.

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