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Single-Family Owned '37 Buick Special In Attendance

Finding an 80-year old original car in great shape is a rare find – but an 80-year old original in great shape, that has been passed down within a single family is even better.

Kevin Whiteleather has had this 1937 Buick Special in his family for 3 generations. We asked Kevin what makes his '37 Special so... well, special. "I guess it could be considered the ultimate garage find as it has been sitting in my own garage for 15 years, after sitting in my father’s garage since 1975, after setting in his parents' garage since the late ‘40s."

It is actually a one-family owned car, as Kevin's own father drove it off of the distribution plant with his father in 1937. It is all completely original with the exception of brakes, wires, hoses and tires (although Kevin notes, the original spare is still in the trunk!). "It has not really been road worthy since the early ‘50s, but after spending some time in rehab last winter, it now starts on the first try with no problems. It is an absolute treat to drive, and I figured that others might enjoy seeing a true 80 year old survivor car," Kevin said.

A treat is right! We look forward to seeing this find in person at the show. Come treat yourself (and friends and family!) to the 4th annual Rolling Into Roanoke Car Show, this Saturday, July 22nd from 10am to 4pm.

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