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Showing Off A 1968 California Special 'Stang

Joining this year's Rolling Into Roanoke​ line-up is this killer limited-edition 1968 California Special GT Mustang! Roger Staley is the proud owner of this one-of-a-kind California special. There were just 3,967 of these cars produced by Ford in California, only in coupes. Folks claim there are only around 2,000 in existence today, making Roger's find not only a beautiful one, but pretty rare, too.

We asked Roger to tell us a little bit about how he found his Mustang, and what drew him to the California Special. He said, "I went to San Jose, California, 32 years ago to find a fastback 390 4 speed car and happened onto this one. This car was all original, no rust, with just some minor dings and scratches. After driving it home, I began the restoration process. After completion, the only changes made were the wheels and tires, and the most recent 347 stroker engine."

A good find, indeed, Roger! See you at the show! To see Roger's Mustang, and other awesome cars like it, be sure to come and check out Rolling Into Roanoke, on Saturday July 22nd from 10 am to 4 pm in Historic Downtown Roanoke.

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