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See You At Mel's Diner

At this year’s Rolling Into Roanoke, we’re taking it back to the summer of 1962 — American Graffiti style. Summer is coming to an end…so grab your friends, rev up your engines, and meet us at Mel’s Diner!

It was a warm late summer night in a small southern California town. Curt and Steve were preparing to head East for college the next day, but Curt is having doubts. When in doubt, nothing clears your mind like a night with friends cruising the town.

If you were to choose from the most memorable cars in American Graffiti, what would it be? (Choose wisely as you’ll need to keep a safe distance from the ’61 Ford Galaxie Cop Car!)

Would you race down Main Street in Milner’s ’32 yellow Deuce Coupe, or would you prefer Bob’s ’55 black Chevy?

Are you winning your girlfriend back in Steve’s ’58 white Impala? Or are you leaving a lasting impression on Curt as you cruise by in your ’56 white T-Bird?

As we recreate the drag race scene and the Mel’s Drive-In hang out, we need your help! We currently have the ’32 yellow Deuce Coupe and the ’56 white T-Bird (Blonde not included). We’re on the search for:

- ’55 black Chevy - ’58 white Impala - ’61 Ford Galaxie Cop Car - The Pharaoh’s 1952 red Mercury - 1959 Piaggio Vespa GS 160 Scooter

Additional vehicles from this era are welcome, and will be considered for a spot on Main Street!

If you, or someone you know has one of these vehicles, send them our way! The event takes place July 22, from 10am-4pm in Roanoke, IN.

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