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Rolling Into Roanoke Welcomes History on Wheels

History on Wheels—a one-of-a-kind historical experience/exhibit dedicated to Indiana’s automotive and racing heritage—is coming to Friday Night Rock 'N' Cars and Rolling Into Roanoke!

The exhibit touches on more than 100 Indiana automakers and manufacturers and delves into the lives of Hoosier innovators and inventors, such as Carl Fisher and Elwood Haynes. In one section, guests of all ages can explore under the hood of a car modeled after a 1914 Marmon Touring Car. Kids can climb into the driver’s seat of a mini IndyCar and imagine what it would be like to cross the famed Yard of Bricks. Too cool!

To register your car for this year's Rolling Into Roanoke Car Show, click here: Get $15 per person tickets for Rock 'N' Cars at the gate.

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