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Rolling Into Roanoke 2018: Across the Pond

Feeling a little empty inside, now that Rolling Into Roanoke 2017 is long gone? Don't worry, we are too. But, we're working hard to make sure next year's show is even bigger and better than ever! We have some exciting news, too. If you've followed us on our Facebook page, this may not come as a surprise, but next year's show will be, "Across the Pond" – focusing on European Sports Cars, Race Cars, Motorcycles and Bikes, as well as Cafe Bikes (pre-1985).

We're looking forward to having some slick sports cars roll out onto Main Street in Roanoke! Downtown Main Street will be sectioned off by country, with various European countries' flags downtown, and their respective cars parked nearby.

We cannot wait for another fantastic year of fun, food, family, and fast cars with the Northeast Indiana community! Pre-registration information will be live on the site this month, so keep an eye out for an update coming soon! Can't wait to see you there!

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