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Register to Dyno Test Your Vehicle and You Could Win $500

At this year's show, we are excited to have Track Lab's Dyno Machine in attendance so attendees can test their vehicle's power!

There will be a Dyno Testing Competition - one for diesel vehicles, and one for gasoline vehicles - and the winner of each category will be determined by a combination score of both horsepower and torque. What do you win, you ask? The two Top Dog award-winners for each category will receive a $500 prize! The winners will be announced later in the day when general car show awards are announced, but you do not have to be present to win. Want to register your vehicle? You must make sure to register for both the car show and a Dyno testing slot, so don't hesitate if you want to ensure your spot! Pre-registration closes on July 17th, but you can register up until the day of the show.

Registration fees before July 20th: Car show – $20, Dyno – $30 (total of $50 for car show and dyno)

After July 20th: Car show – $20, Dyno – $55

Register by clicking the link to our registration form here. For questions about registration, Dyno sign-ups, or the 2017 show in general, check out our FAQ page or call Rick at (260) 341-3326.

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