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Mustang "Dream Giveaway" Brings Not One, But Two Shelby GT350's

Ever dreamed of owning a classic Ford Mustang? What about an original from the 60s? What about an original AND a state-of-the-art, limited edition 2016 Mustang on top of that?

Tony Cotterman, an Indiana native and winner of the Mustang "Dream Giveaway" sweepstakes, made that dream a reality! He won two Ford Mustangs, a 1967 Shelby GT350 and a limited-edition 2016 Shelby GT350, built unique and expedited just for the giveaway.

Since 2008 the Dream Giveaway® brand and sponsored Dream Giveaway promotions have delivered millions of dollars in unrestricted funds to individual sponsor charities and a variety of grant recipients. All funds have gone towards a variety of causes, including assistance to veterans, hospitalized children, cancer victims, the homeless, victims of natural disasters, and more.

Tony and his beautiful pair of Mustangs from the Dream Giveaway will be making an appearance at Rolling Into Roanoke, so come out and check out these one of a kind muscle cars in person on July 22nd!

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