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Fate Brings Once-Missing Mercedes Back Into the Noblett Family

Rolling Into Roanoke 2018 will be here before we know it! This year's theme is "Across the Pond," featuring European sports cars, motorcycles, and cafe bikes throughout history. We asked some folks who have already registered for 2018 to tell us a little more about their European rides.

Check out this feel-good find from Suzanne Noblett, who will be featuring her 1977 Mercedes Benz 240D Diesel at the show. We asked Suzanne to tell us more about the history of her Benz, and what makes it so special. (Hint: this is a textbook testimony to "everything happens for a reason!")

"Originally belonging to my father, this car was sold prior to his passing," she explained. "I searched for the 240D for almost three years after. I finally found it by chance while driving the back roads between Fort Wayne and Columbia City with my dog on one Sunday afternoon. It was sitting underneath a stand of pine trees." Suzanne stopped, thinking it could have been her Dad's, and turns out... her intuition was right. She was able to have it confirmed that it was her Dad's car.

"I bought it back and through the expertise of Werner's Garage in Fort Wayne, after three years, we were able to bring 'Augie' back to all his glory from when he first rolled off the Mercedes-Benz assembly line in Stuttgart, Germany in 1977. 'Augie' is back where he belongs, I only wish my Dad would have lived to see him now."

What a story of happenstance! We bet your Dad would be proud, and we can't wait to see Augie at the show in July!

Interested in registering your ride for Rolling Into Roanoke 2018: Across the Pond? Click here to fill out our registration form online or learn more about the event. Pre-registration is $20 before July 16th, 2018, and includes a hat, dash plaque, goodie bag, and entry for door prizes & raffles!

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