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Car Show Do's and Don'ts

If you're not a car junkie, car shows can seem intimidating. So many people, so many expensive cars, and so much happening. Even if you are a junkie but you're a first-timer (attending or displaying), car shows can seem intimidating. Well, lucky for you, we've compiled a starter list of Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind while at a classic car show. Check it out!


Check out the event’s policies beforehand. Many car show sites have a plethora of information and FAQs that will help plan your day. From the best place to park, to their policies on strollers, umbrellas, and alcohol, to other “need to know” things, head to the show’s site first.

Bring your kids and involve the family! Just because a show’s theme may cater to high-end European cars, or even if a show is dubbed “Elite” and involves judges… car shows are meant to be an experience enjoyed by all. They can be a great learning experience and fun for the whole family.

Ask questions. Car enthusiasts love talking about, well, cars. Whether it’s their particular car, the history of cars, different modifications and restorations – you name it. The people are car shows are there because they truly love it. So, take advantage of their passions and knowledge.

Be polite. Similar to the above, this goes both ways when asking questions and answering them. If your car is being shown someone asks a genuine question – answer it! Lots of newbies go to car shows to learn and see cars in-person. Don’t be patronizing or rude when answering questions. We want to foster a love of cars for everyone, not turn them off.

Support local businesses. Show your support to the small town shops and vendors, as well as the staff (typically unpaid volunteers!) hosting the event.

Follow directions. Especially if you’re showing your car, it is crucial that you follow parking instructions, respect other cars around you, and don’t leave early or burn-out! It’s dangerous among car show crowds, and just plain rude.


Touch cars on display. It all comes down to respecting the hard work of the owners and ensuring the often historic or limited (even priceless!) cars are well-maintained. Chances are, the owner has put countless hours, energy, and even dollars into their car.

Be a “Negative Nancy.” Car shows display hundreds of styles of rides, and each one is different. Just because someone’s make or model isn’t how you would’ve tricked it out, doesn’t make it okay to bad mouth what is likely someone’s pride and joy. Often, car owners are camped out next to, or near their car. Don’t be a jerk within earshot - or better yet, just don’t be a jerk!

Check out the list of FAQs for the Rolling Into Roanoke 2018 show, so you can get up to speed on some of the policies for Downtown Roanoke! And, if you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? Pre-registration (and its perks) ends July 18th, 2018. If you just want to join us for cars, food & fun, be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, July 21st, 2018 from 10 am to 4 pm in historic Roanoke, Indiana for this year's show! One last "do" while we're at it... do have fun and come back next year!

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