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1954 MG TD Restored By Bruce and Marlene Loos

We're back with our next Featured Car that you can expect to see at Rolling Into Roanoke 2018: Across the Pond, on July 21st in Roanoke, IN! We caught up with Bruce Loos, of Roanoke, to ask about the story behind his pristine 1953 MG TD.

The Loos' car was previously owned by George T. Wright of Fort Wayne who purchased it on January 29th, 1955. (Check out the original vehicle title from the BMV below!)Bruce explained a bit more of the history, "The MG served as Mr. Wright’s year-round daily transportation for the next 25 years. Mr. Wright retired from General Electric in August of 1979 after 43 years of service. Like many recent retirees, Mr. Wright promptly set about catching up on unfinished home maintenance projects. Tragically, he fell while working on his home, became paralyzed, and was no longer able to drive the MG." After this, the car went straight into storage in a horse barn.

But, during a chance encounter in 2002 with Mr. Wright’s son, Ted, Bruce inquired about what happened to the MG Ted's Dad once had? According to Bruce, "Ted replied, 'It’s out back in the barn.' I told him how I had previously restored a similar MG TD for a friend, and of all the automotive refurbishing projects I have done, that MG TD was my wife's favorite. So, after 22 years in a barn, we purchased the car from Mr. Wright’s estate." And the rest is history.

The 1953 MG TD ended up in great hands, and after years in that barn, boy did it need some TLC (see "before" and "after" photos below). Luckily, with Bruce and Marlene's history of restoring and refurbishing cars, the MG was brought back to shiny new life!

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